Learning Computer Skills

In today’s day social and job markets having basic computer skills will only get you so far.  In fact, the skills that were in such high demand just a year ago are starting to become obsolete.  The reason for this is that technology and the way in which it is used is constantly changing and evolving.  With new technology taking advantage of what silicon wafer suppliers have to offer, new technology is evolving beyond our ability to keep up.

Learning computer skills is the start of the process of being competitive in the job market and in life.  When we learn and understand computers we learn and understand how the world is going to work.  Back in the late nineteen eighties desktop computers were all the rage.  People were trying to have just one in their homes so kids could learn how they were used and could get a competitive edge in life.  Today, we have what was once the capacity of a desktop computer in our phones. 

Core skills

The computer skills that you should focus on are known as the core skills.  These skills are understanding how your operating system works, how to use standard programs such as Microsoft Office and how to use and navigate the Internet.  When you learn and can work these core skills you will be able to advance further into different areas of interest and customize your skills to be used as you see fit.

Keeping up with technology

One misconception is that you have to keep up with the race of technology.  Yes, it is true that you need to maintain a level of knowledge when it comes to new technology, applications and services.  However, you don’t need to make it an obsession.  As long as you are aware of what is going on, play with the technology a little and then adapt it to your specific situations then you should be good.

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Technology isn’t going away.  We need to monitor it and adapt it to our lives, not our lives to it.  When we can do this, then keeping a balance between life and tech will become much easier.