Tips For Keeping Pipes Clean

Keeping pipes clean helps ensure that whatever you have flowing through them will remain flowing and prevents blockage.  There are many different types of pipes out there.  You have a standard plastic PVC pipe, steel pipes, rubber lined pipe, and even copper pipes.  Each pipe you have will have a different thickness, diameter and more. 

Know what is going down the pipes

You should always know what is going to be in your pipes.  When you have gas going down a pipe, you don’t want to introduce water or other liquids.  If you have a pipe that is used to transport raw materials, you don’t want to have contaminants running down the pipe.

The weather

rubber lined pipe

The weather plays a large role in the health of your pipes.  If it is too hot or too cold, then the pipes will expand and contract.  This expansion and contraction over time will cause a weakening of the pipes physical structure.  When this happens, sections of pipes may need to be removed and replaced.


Don’t put your pipes through excessive weight or stress.  When we put added weight or stress on our pipes the joints keeping the pipe together may crack.  When we have weight or forces on our pipes at certain bends, they can also cause stress. 

Secure connections

Each section of pipe is connected with washers, screws, bolts or even welds.  When connecting pipes together ensure that these connections are tight and won’t move.  If the pipes move and the connections become lose then you are in danger of having a breech in your pipes which could be dangerous.  For example, if you have oil going through a pipe and it busts open at a connection point, you could be causing a major ecological disaster.  Make sure your connections are secure and check them often.